Direct Hire

At DSM Global Services LLC, we continuously strive to deliver quality resources to our clients. We keep on improving the process by which we meet our client’s as well as employee’s requirements.

Our recruiters are well versed in their respective industry verticals. These tech-savvy experts know how to search for, screen and present candidates that meet your specific requirements.

Our direct placement recruiters’ contact, screen, interview and assess the resources every day, so we're always ready to dive in and connect you with the right professional. We also maintain relationship with professionals who aren't actively looking for a change in project.

Contract to Hire

In today’s challenging world it is very difficult for businesses to make long term staffing decisions. Here DSM Global Services LLC comes into the picture. It could be a headcount issue, budget constraint or simply making sure you have the exact match.

Keeping the long term goals of the client in mind, we provide flexible, professional, long term services.

Corp to Corp

We provide best services in the industry for Corp to Corp placements. We have been providing these services for various countries in the world.

DSM Global Services as a Sub-Contractor will provide:

  • Readily available resources on an on-demand basis.
  • Candidates who are experts on diverse IT technologies and platforms.
  • Professional Services Model.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 24/7 support team and global deployment of resources
  • Long term relationship.

Independent Contractor

The decision to hire an independent contractor is a calculated business risk. Assess the risk of misclassification, including the amount of payment and duration of relationship, with a probability that worker will voluntarily pay income tax withholding and social security self-employment tax, risk of liability for workplace injury, etc.

At DSM Global Services LLC we understand the client’s requirement and are open to source independent contractors for a finder’s fee which is applicable on the type of the position to be filled.

Global Staffing

With a presence in 78 countries globally, DSM Global Services LLC provides superior quality resources throughout the world.
We cater to various business needs, be it:

  • Any Technology Platform
  • Experience Level
  • Any Qualification
  • Any Duration of Project
  • Number of People
  • Any country
  • Round the clock support